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Fingers are frozen

Current outdoor temperature: Minus 25 Celsius, with windchill of minus 31.

Current indoor temperature: due to broken radiator, about the same.

My fingers are too frozen to blog at the moment. More when the heat gets fixed.

Update: Monday 8pm – heat still not fixed. But loaner space heater making apartment semi-bearable.

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  • DaninVan 01.22.05, 8:51 AM

    Lessee; freeze in Montreal or drown in Vancover? Dontcha just love Canadian Winters?

    “Environment Canada’s Official Weather Warnings
    Sunshine Coast
    2:49 PM PST Friday 21 January 2005

    Heavy rainfall warning for
    Sunshine Coast continued

    Heavy rain of 20 to 40 mm expected tonight with 30 to 50 mm on
    Saturday. Amounts will be significantly higher on west Vancouver

    This is a warning that heavy rain is imminent or occurring in these
    Regions. Monitor weather conditions..Listen for updated statements.

    A moisture laden frontal system is moving towards the coast from the southwest. Rain associated with the system will spread to Vancouver Island..The south coast and Lower Fraser Valley this afternoon or early this evening. Amounts of 20 to 40 mm are expected tonight with higher amounts Saturday of 30 to 50 mm. On west Vancouver Island coastal and inland sections higher amounts of 60 to 80 mm are expected tonight and again Saturday. The rain will ease in intensity somewhat on Sunday however the liquid precipitation will continue into early in the new work week. “

  • elanamatic 01.22.05, 3:51 PM

    yikes! get thee to hot chocolate stat!

  • Vancouver Eric 01.22.05, 6:35 PM

    Meanwhile, here at Kits in Vancouver proper, it’s not so bad.

  • DaninVan 01.22.05, 7:46 PM

    Eric; there’s nothing ‘proper’ about Vancouver…heheh

    ….and you must be a flack for the Tourist Board; it’s pissing buckets as I type, up here in Sechelt

  • Paul Jané 01.22.05, 10:43 PM

    I take comfort in the fact that I’m not the only one whose heating is half buggered up…

    Just let me know as soon as that Global Warming strikes…

  • DaninVan 01.23.05, 5:07 AM

    Walked the dog in Kinnikkinnik park this afternoon; man, I thought I’d been transported to the Fla. Everglades!

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