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California dreamin’ on such a winter’s day

Spotted around downtown Montreal in the minus-20-feels-like-minus-30-with-the-windchill weather:

  • A cyclist (you have to be pretty hardcore to cycle in this weather) wearing a full ski helmet, ski goggles, and a ski face mask, every inch of his face protected against the cold.
  • Two women, both wearing their jacket hoods with faux fur pulled over their face and eyes, walk smack into each other in a pedestrian head-on collision, neither one willing to brave the wind enough to watch where she is going. They apologize, of course.
  • The underground city tunnels about as crowded I’ve ever seen them, full of pedestrians who, like me, have decided that walking through shopping malls and government buildings is preferable to braving the cold for too long.
  • A man belatedly stringing up Christmas lights outside a storefront, cursing and swearing to himself as he tries to assemble them without removing his gloves. Good luck with that, buddy.
  • The guy handing out the free metro paper outside Square-Victoria metro is reportedly sporting a runny-nose moustache.
  • Endless greetings in multiple languages that are variations on “F—, it’s cold!”

I love winter. But I love it more when it’s warm enough to snow. Where’s this global warming thing that they keep talking about, anyway?

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  • Chris Allen 12.18.09, 3:36 PM

    I'd try cycling in that weather just for the hell of it. As for global warming, well even if the planet went up by 15 degrees it won't help you guys much. 😉

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