Fisher: Canada is a terrorist target


Here’s Matthew Fisher from the National Post on why Canada is a target for terrorism despite the national delusion that we could never be one:

As the world’s most wanted man, Osama bin Laden, has helpfully pointed out, Canada is a prime terrorist target despite the widespread Canadian misconception that theirs is a nation of peace-loving Boy Scouts only marginally involved in President George W. Bush’s global war on terror.

Ottawa, however, sent six warships to police the Arabian Sea after 9/11.

Ottawa dispatched a battle group to the mountains of Afghanistan in 2004 that included snipers who hunted down and killed al-Qaida and Taliban fugitives.

A Canadian frigate was part of a U.S. carrier battle group for several months in the war in Iraq.

Canada seconded a general for one year to the U.S. army office in Iraq responsible for planning military operations there.

And beginning next January, Canada is deploying an infantry battalion to southeastern Afghanistan where they will be specifically tasked with fighting al-Qaida and the Taliban.

Canadians must understand that as part of the West they are already into this up to their eyeballs. They must prepare at home for the almost unfathomable menace that confronts them. And because the war in Iraq has become an incubator for would-be terrorists it is growing every day.

Us Canadians tend to think that if we just sew flags on our backpacks and smile nicely, everyone will love us. Basically, Fisher is saying we should snap out of it, and soon. Basically, he’s right. G-d forbid there’s a successful attack on our soil, but we need to start thinking of ourselves as every bit as much of a target as our friends who have been hit… and we need to start giving those friends more loyalty, understanding and support.

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1 just a guy 07.11.05 at 5:24 AM

If there is an attack on Canada, I’ll blame you sari


2 DaninVan 07.11.05 at 10:08 AM

Once pupik lint always pupik lint…


3 John Palubiski 07.11.05 at 3:29 PM

If Canada is ever attacked it’s doubtful the morivation would stem from our almost non-existant participation in the Middle East and Afganistan.

If the islamists are repeatedly thwarted in their attempts to hit American targets, they may then decide to direct their efforts northward by default.

Setting off a WMD in a large Canadian city would have much the same destabilising affect on American society and morale as a WMD detonated in San Franciso or Chicago.

Besides, these people attack us not for what we’ve done, but rather for what we represent…..freedom, democracy, secularism AND an alternative to traditional Islam

In other words, our very existence and success means they’ve got to target us. There’s no reasoning with hate like that


4 josh 07.12.05 at 10:03 PM

Just remember,
the safest area in the world is the corner of Cote Ste Catherine and Cote De Neiges – the Al Queda centre of Canada.


5 half canadian 07.12.05 at 11:58 PM


Not if Canada suffers a serious attack.


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