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Dear Karla Homolka: Please die. Signed: everyone.

(Source: you know who you are).

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1 just a guy 07.05.05 at 4:26 AM

ohhh i love Karla. she seems so nice.

I just watched her interview, here:

she speaks good french with a lovely accent…


2 DaninVan 07.05.05 at 1:24 PM

As long as she’s in mortal fear of retribution, this is a good thing.


3 jeremy 07.05.05 at 7:37 PM

One day she will be found in NDG, at least from her interview we know what she looks like now. Even though she won’t talk to “anglophone” media.

She should be afraid, and rightly so.

She should have stayed where she was. She was protected and safe “behind bars!” Now she’s open fodder for the general public, and I don’t think her life will get any more comfortable.

I mean, she’s a celebrity with her own stalkaratzi!! what could be better.

Go away Karla, you are NOT wanted in Montreal.



4 half canadian 07.05.05 at 10:34 PM

Canadians lost the cojones for vigilante justice long ago.
Personally, I’m against vigilantism. But justice was subverted so perversely in this case, I find myself almost agreeing with it.


5 just a guy 07.05.05 at 10:33 PM

Jeremy: we don’t care what u think ok.


6 JML - Aka the Source 07.06.05 at 2:12 PM

Glad you liked my nickname Sari 😉

To Jeremy, if she stays in the Elizabeth Fry house in NDG like they were saying, we already know where she’ll be:,+Notre-Dame-De-Gr%C3%A2ce,+QC&spn=0.032303,0.068901&hl=en


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