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Katrina relief efforts

To make a donation to the relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina, the Canadian Red Cross is accepting donations.

Update: Most official estimates say hundreds of people have likely been killed as a result of Katrina. The mayor of New Orleans fears that the death toll may run into the thousands as the city prepares to evacuate tens of thousands of residents to Houston. Estimates are that most of New Orleans will be uninhabitable for months.

Update #2: At least two radio stations have decided to pull the song I’ve been ironically humming for days off the air for the moment:

Ottawa’s rock radio stations The Bear 106.9 and CHEZ 106.1 have both decided to pull The Tragically Hip classic New Orleans is Sinking from their playlists at least until Hurricane Katrina abates and the Louisiana city gets back on its feet.

Am I the only one who finds the song suddenly more appropriate?

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