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And closer to home

Here in Montreal, the chief effects of Hurricane Katrina have been a bit of rain and higher gas prices. Not much of a price to pay, considering.

It’s times like this when I’m grateful to live in Montreal; we may get cold weather and ice storms, but at least we avoid the more disastrous weather phenomena such as earthquakes, tsunamis or hurricanes.

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  • Anonymous 09.01.05, 2:02 AM

    Earthquakes are definitely NOT a weather phenomena. I have that on the best authority. All the Global warming/ not Global warming won’t prevent a single ‘quake.

  • DaninVan 09.01.05, 2:06 AM

    Crap. I’m not Anonymous, I’m DaninVan 🙂

  • segacs 09.01.05, 5:18 AM

    True – guess I should’ve said “natural phenomena”.

  • John Palubiski 09.01.05, 2:09 PM

    Weather forcast; mostly sunny this morning, but clouding over in the afternoon with a chance of late-day earthquakes!

    Seriously, Montréal is actually quite prone to earthquakes. It,s not as bad as California, but we,re much more vulnerable compared to the east coast or central Canada.

  • DaninVan 09.01.05, 7:29 PM

    What is it with you guys? You can’t see past the Rockies?!
    B.C.’s coast is by far the most vulnerable, not only to local ‘quakes but to tsunammis from offshore quakes as well. We’re right on the ‘Ring of Fire’; Mt. St. Helen ring a bell?

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