Nobody left to stop them


Iran’s going nuclear… openly and brazenly, not even bothering to try to sound convincing in their line about “peaceful electricity generation”.

The question is, who is left to stop the nuclear ambitions of one of the most dangerous theocratic thuggeries in the Mideast? Not the UN, which has never had the ability to do anything. Not the EU, which will hold an emergency session to see if they broke an agreement that was impossible to enforce in the first place. Not the US or, which after Iran have no political capital left to do anything even if they wanted to. Even Israel, which everyone is secretly hoping will play bad guy and repeat Osarik and then get chewed out by the world, can’t take that kind of risk to its security this time around.

North Korea’s already nuclear; it’s too late there. Iran is steadily marching toward that point of no return… and there’s nobody left to stop them. I fear that future generations of humanity will be paying the price for our spineless world for a long time.

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1 DaninVan 08.10.05 at 4:29 PM

I wouldn’t close the door on Israel’s taking unilateral action just yet. Iran’s leaders MUST know that Iran will cease to exist if they attempt a nuclear strike. Having N-weapons is more of a psychological weapon than a practical tool.


2 segacs 08.10.05 at 9:03 PM

In the hands of a sane government, yes. But Iran’s government isn’t sane. If people believe that blowing themselves up to destroy Jews is a good thing, then how far of a stretch is it to believe that they hate Israel so much that they will be willing to use nukes against it?


3 Dan Chercover 08.11.05 at 3:56 AM

Are they so far gone that they’re prepared to turn Persia into a lake of molten glass?


4 segacs 08.11.05 at 2:47 PM

To kill Jews? I wouldn’t be surprised.


5 JayBee 08.11.05 at 11:39 PM

You may be interested in this link to an op-ed in Ha’aretz by Reuven Pedatzur. Who dat? “Reuven Pedatzur is a lecturer at the Department of Political Science at Tel Aviv University. RP received his Ph.D. in 1992 from the Department of Political Science, Tel Aviv University. He is the Director of the Galili Center for Strategy and National Security. He serves as a fighter pilot in the Israeli Air Force reserves as well as a Defense Analyst for the Ha’aretz daily newspaper.” He thinks 1) Israel can’t stop Iran’s nuke program with military force, but 2) Iran’s government is subject to rational deterence. Considering how close the rational U.S. and rational Soviet Union came to blowing each other up during the Cuban Missile Crisis, I’m not sure that I love conclusion No. 2.


6 Dan Chercover 08.13.05 at 8:04 PM

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