Iran closer to nuclear weapons


Iran moves a step closer to going nuclear… while the useless UN looks idly on:

Iran began processing uranium more than a week ago to prepare it for enrichment — a process that can be used to make nuclear weapons — in defiance of the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog, a diplomat said Wednesday.

But Iran’s president said Tehran would not give in to foreign pressure aimed at stopping what he said was a peaceful nuclear energy program, but which Washington says is a covert scheme aimed at building bombs.

A spokeswoman for the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said the uranium processing was being closely monitored by the IAEA.

So what will the nice folks at the U.N. do with all the information they’re gleaning through this observation?

If Tehran fails to heed the demands, the board said it would consider possible “further steps” when it meets next month. Diplomats on the board said this included possibly referring Iran to the U.N. Security Council, which can impose sanctions.

In other words, nothing.

Something tells me that the IDF has training underway for a repeat of the Osarik strike…

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1 DaninVan 10.06.04 at 5:02 PM

“It is our duty and right to use this nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and I’d like to assure the international community that we will not go to the extent of producing nuclear weapons.” (Additional reporting by Parisa Hafezi in Tehran and Opheera McDoom in Khartoum)

Opheera McDoom?!! Now I’m REALLY worried…


2 shawn 10.06.04 at 5:12 PM

It’s really scary. I have a friend who’s an Iranian exile and he points out that Iran is likely to retaliate with everything it has if Israel hits those nukes sites.

Another friend sent me a story quoting a senior Israeli official stating that November was the key decision month.

If it look like a Kerry victory I’m wondering if that’ll put pressure on Israel to strike sooner rather than later.


3 jeremy/eragon 10.07.04 at 5:30 AM

Wow, Another Concordia Blogger. Im in the Department of Religion. I was there the other day as well. You’ve made my monthly Blogger list. So come check out the list for October. Maybe I’ll see ya on campus.

Oh I support Kerry as well. Being from the U.S. Originally. I carry Dual Cit.



4 segacs 10.07.04 at 2:19 PM

Thanks, Jeremy.


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