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Iran plays chicken with the U.N.

Iran has resumed its nuclear activity because it knows full well that the U.N. will always swerve first:

Iran has begun processing a new batch of uranium despite Western pressure on it to halt sensitive atomic work, possibly harming attempts to defuse a standoff over its nuclear aims, a diplomat said on Wednesday.

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Western countries suspect Iran of seeking nuclear weapons under the cover of a civilian atomic program, which Tehran vehemently denies, saying it only wants to generate electricity.

Yeah, right. And hell is just a sauna.

Somehow I don’t think Iran is planning to wipe Israel off the map using mere electricity.

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  • josh 11.17.05, 1:27 PM

    I’d be more worried if I were living in NYC. That place already has an Iranian or Al Quida nuke with its name written on it no doubt.

    Montreal is safe. Thank god for the corner of Cote De Neiges and Cote Ste Catherine: the Al Quida capital outside the middle east.

  • segacs 11.17.05, 2:52 PM

    That’s really not the way I prefer to think of it, Josh. I’m not just after safety for Montreal; I’d kinda like the world to avoid having any more nukes dropped on anyone’s head. New York, Montreal, Isael or otherwise. (The Israel part includes your head, so I’d think you would be glad…)

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