And while the world is distracted in Iraq . . .


The Jerusalem Post reports that Iran is developing a nuclear weapons program.

Iran insists it is following international regulations and that all its facilities are open to inspectors from the UN nuclear watchdog agency. The International Atomic Energy Agency said Monday it has been aware for several years of Iran’s plans to mine and process uranium.

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Washington says those two facilities are part of a secret Iranian nuclear weapons program.

A disconcerting thought.

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1 Ikram Saeed 02.11.03 at 1:29 AM

Sky is falling

Sari, you spend hours a day looking for diasater, doom and gloom. Here’s a link to a positive story about Israelis and Palestinians happening in Montreal. (from G&M)

Why the relentless negativity?


2 segacs 02.11.03 at 2:08 AM

Your link didn’t work.


3 James 02.11.03 at 4:12 PM

You have to delete the haloscan part:

Palestinian Takes Home Lessons Learned at McGill

Here’s another interesting one I ran across:

At a Leftist Summit, Cheers For a Separate Mideast Peace


4 Ikram Saeed 02.11.03 at 6:16 PM

Sorry about that. I can’t get links in Haloscan to work. James has given you the link


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