Boone: It’s all about oil


Montreal Gazette columnist Mike Boone adds his voice to the people who claim that the US’s war on Iraq is all about ooooooooooiiiil. His theory is about as bizarre as it gets: he claims that the US needs to attack Iraq because people insist on living in the suburbs and commuting to work:

I’m a big hero because I take the train and the métro to work, right? But yesterday morning was so cold that the Great Environmentalist left his car idling in the driveway for five minutes to warm it up for the drive to the train station.

In 1996, 10.1 per cent of Canada’s workforce used public transit. Five years later, it was 10.5 per cent.

That’s 1.4 million strap-hangers, compared with 10 million drivers (and another one million passengers in private vehicles.)

This is why there’s going to be war in Iraq. We’re petroleum junkies – and the census makes a pretty good case that Whitney Houston’s rehab is going better than ours.

I’ve heard the argument before that anyone who drives a car is public enemy #1. To that I say, give us decent public transit, and we won’t be forced to drive our cars as much. Does anyone really think I like sitting in gridlock twice a day? But I digress.

The theory that there will be war in Iraq because Bush simply woke up one morning and decided he’d like to see lower prices at the pump is incredibly absurd – to say the least. But of course, if Mike Boone believes it so much, he can sell his car. It won’t make the least bit of difference. Saddam Hussein will still be trying to acquire dangerous weapons to unleash on Israel and the West, and to use to massacre his own people. He’ll still be a crazy dictator and a world menace, and a major sponsor of terrorism. But if it makes Boone feel better . . .

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1 Peter 02.14.03 at 7:33 AM

I wish there were less SUV’s on the road. Why people feel they need to have them in the NY Metro area is beyond me.


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