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Snow Day

How odd. Last time I had a snow day, I think I was about eight years old and happy to skip out on third grade.

But here I am, dug out of all snowbanks and warm and dry at home… on the boss’s orders. Go figure. (Maybe the fact that it took him nearly two hours to get into the office might have made him more amenable to cancelling work for the rest of us).

So far, over 30 centimetres have fallen, and the prediction is for quite a bit more, and it’s created quite a mess on the roads:

Ministère des Transports traffic camera: Autoroute 40 at Iberville at 11:15am

Ministère des Transports traffic camera: Autoroute 40 at Iberville at 11:15am

People are still getting around, but the going is very, very slow. One traffic report mentioned that employees of the Tim Horton’s on Cote de Liesse near Hickmore were serving coffee to stranded motorists who had parked and gotten out of their cars, figuring they weren’t going anywhere for a while.

It’s really kind of sad, though. We Montrealers love to brag about how even the biggest snowstorms leave us unfazed. And yet, here we are, the first major dump of the season, and suddenly traffic is a nightmare and schools, flights, and pretty much everything else is cancelled. Sure, the snowfall occurred mostly at rush hour, and it’s falling too fast for the snow crews to keep up, but it still seems like we ought to be able to cope with the white stuff a bit better by now.

Oh well. Time to curl up with some hot cocoa and watch the snow from the window.


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  • Tré 12.16.05, 5:17 PM

    Its a nightmare cuz its the first snowfall and it all fell just before rush hour. There wasn’t a snow flake to be seen at 2h30am.

    I wish my boss had cancelled work, but fat chance these kings of capital would let anything get between them and their money, money, money, mo-ney! Oh well, it wasn’t too difficult getting into work once the metro started running again(!) I think the office party tonight will be a flop…more useless expenditure.

  • John Palubiski 12.16.05, 5:55 PM

    My Sympathies, Tré!

    I went in this morning, but have now finished for the day and am watching the flakes fluttering down from the warmth of the great indoors!

    It is a pain, I know, but it’s also very beautiful. Makes the city so quiet too!

  • DaninVan 12.16.05, 8:16 PM

    We’ve finally got a stretch of crisp clear Winter weather 5 C.+/-
    No snow but everthing was covered with a heavy coat of frost this morning…it looked like snow had fallen. The dog couldn’t figure what the hell was going on with his outdoor water dish; crystal clear…and hard as stone. I’m almost tempted to buy a digital camera but wifey says “Not!”

  • John Palubiski 12.17.05, 5:41 PM

    41 centimeters and now I have to dig the car out…..

    And notice how the global warming crowd are nowhere to be found.

    I could use a bit of their labour-power right about now!

  • DaninVan 12.17.05, 6:50 PM

    As I believe I mentioned earlier;) the -3 C. nights combined with the +5 C. days and high humidity from the warm ocean water across the street, combine to cause treacherous black ice on anything flat. The highway will be bone dry by noon …until you hit a shady patch, Whooooohoooo!!!!!! …doughnuts at 80kph; Tre’d love it here.http://weather.ec.gc.ca/city/pages/bc-3_metric_e.html
    Oh good, the rains coming back…

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