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First snow

Other than a few flakes, today was the first official snow of the season.

By mid-morning, it had mostly been washed away as the temperature rose enough to change the snow to pouring rain. Still, there was enough snow for me to break out the boots this morning and to cause me to have to quickly brush off the car in the afternoon.

I just wish that 90% of Montrealers wouldn’t forget how to drive every time it snows.

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  • Francis N. 12.02.04, 1:20 AM

    I always forget to drive when it snows. Good thing it’ll be sunny tomorrow…it should all come back to me.

  • a don't understand guy 12.02.04, 5:00 AM

    What do I care about your opinion on the first snow?

    Why are you writing this boring stuff online.

    Do you think anybody is interested about this?

    Don’t you have more useful things to do with your life?

    I sense that you are lonely, that your life is miserable and boring.

    Otherwise why would your waste your time blogging this shit.

    Get a life sari.
    BTW, are you single? 🙂

  • DaninVan 12.02.04, 8:53 AM

    “a don’t understand guy”
    Says it all, eh?

  • just a fighting guy 12.02.04, 3:00 PM

    fat DanninVan, do you wanna fight or what?

  • Jonny 12.02.04, 6:13 PM

    Just a guy,

    I will have fries with my order thanks.

  • just a guy 12.02.04, 9:51 PM

    Go away Jonny.
    Get out of here.
    Don’t talk to me.
    I hate you.
    I don’t work for McDonalds BTW.

  • DaninVan 12.03.04, 3:07 AM

    ‘Just a wienie’ seems to hate everyone.

  • Jonny 12.03.04, 5:32 PM

    No DaninVan, he doesn’t hate everyone.
    Just a jerk just hates jews.

    Just a moron, no challenge to a fight for me? What did DaninVan do to deserve such an honour?

  • DaninVan 12.03.04, 7:41 PM

    He’s all yours, Jonny. I’ll hold your coat.

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