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IDFDave has photos of the protesters idiotarians against Bush (via Damian Penny).

As I scrolled the online album of swastika posters, antisemitic and racist statements, and just plain idiocies, it occurred to me that anyone both reasonable and against Bush’s policies had two choices yesterday: To join forces with the wingnuts, or to stay home.

No wonder most of them stayed home.

The wingnuts do these protests a vast disservice. It’s one thing to be against Bush. Hell, I’m not exactly his #1 fan either. But it’s quite another to associate with people who wrap the American flag in swastikas and who hold signs depicting Sharon and Bush as monkeys. There are plenty of good arguments for protesting against the US’s foreign policies, but I really hope that most Canadians are still turned off by yesterday’s kind of displays.

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1 Francis N. 12.02.04 at 1:19 AM

I’m with ya. I’ll defend anyone’s right to protest, but really now, let’s try and put some perspective into our protests, shouldn’t we?

I’m just thankful nothing violent happened.


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