Too perfect


What could be more perfect for the pro-gay marriage camp than finding out that the anti-gay marriage camp was being financed by Americans:

Powerful religious groups in the United States are quietly sending money and support to allies in Canada fighting same-sex marriage.

Moreover, some U.S. groups say they are prepared to spend whatever it takes to ensure same-sex marriage does not become legal north of the border.

This plays into everyone’s stereotypes. If you’re on the left, it’s only too obvious that those bible-thumping, gun-totin’ rednecks from evil America would be trying to circumvent our precious Canadian human rights. If you’re on the right, then the Americans are the only ones willing to protect the precious institution of marriage, and us Canadians should observe and learn something from the red states. And if you’re Stephen Harper, you might as well kiss your hopes of leading Canada goodbye.

Really, the hype about this is somewhat nonsensical. Gay marriage will pass in Canada, no matter where the funding for its opponents is coming from. Intolerance is intolerance on both sides of the border. And the religious groups do have a right to their opinion, whatever that may be. There’s still freedom of expression in this country.

But sheesh, if groups against gay marriage need to resort to funding from American interest groups, their support here in Canada must be even lower than I thought.

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