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Allison points out this article at Israel21C about how gay Palestinians are seeking refuge in Israel:

Between Open House, its ‘sister’ community center in Tel Aviv, the gay-friendly commercial spots and pick-up parks here and there around the country, the annual gay pride parades in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and a fairly indifferent street-level attitude toward open homosexuals, Israel offers a refuge for Palestinian gays.

In their everyday lives at home, they must hide their sexuality because revealing it – or having it revealed against their will – would put them in violation of one of the most forbidding taboos in Arab society. Palestinians exposed as homosexuals are liable to be killed by Islamic or nationalist activists, or by their brothers or other male relatives.

Next time you go to a left-wing rally on a university campus and see someone holding a sign reading “Queers for Palestine”, why not give them a copy of this article?

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  • Anon 02.07.05, 9:05 PM

    What is this supposed to prove, that if one doesn’t want gays to be killed, one has to be against giving Palestinians a state east of the Green Line and west of the Jordan river? That if the state of Israel treats gays better, then settlements are ok? Surely that’s not what you mean.

    Do you think that someone, after having read that article, should say: “Alright, now that I’ve read this, I’m going to be loyal to Israel and will defend what it does, whatever it is”? Just what does it prove?

  • Malia 02.08.05, 5:11 AM

    This article shows that the Israeli society is tolerant and humane contrary to what the so-called “Palestinians” claim. As a non-Jew and woman I would rather live in Israel than live in an Arab society.

    Arab/Muslims have no respect for human life or women unlike the Israelis. The Jews don’t murder rape victims or teach their children terrorism. Any logical person is able to see which side is moral and just.

    Why should there be a “Palestinian” country when an “Palestinian” country or an ethnic “Palestinian” people have never existed? These Arabs have many homelands to go back to where their ancestors came from. Leave the indigenous people of Israel, the Jews alone!

  • DaninVan 02.08.05, 4:38 PM

    Whoohoo!! Malia’s back!

  • Anon 02.08.05, 6:13 PM


    Is the fact that the Israeli gov’t is more moral and more just when it comes to gays evidence that whatever it does is mroal and just?

    I gather you’re in favour of ethnically cleansing much of the regioon and establishing Eretz Israel, then?

  • Malia 02.08.05, 10:20 PM

    I don’t believe that everything the Israelis do is right but they are fighting a war against people who have no ethics or morals. Terrorists like hamas use civilians as human shields and blow up innocent women and children. It’s not easy being ethical fighting against such an evil entity.

    I believe that all indigenous people should have rights to their land before anyone else. In Israel it’s the Jews. As an American Indian I support all the indigenous people in the world including the Tibetans and Kurds.

    It’s not the Jews who are in favor of “ethnic cleansing” it’s the Arabs who call themsleves “Palestinians” who are guilty of this. They have said repeatedly that their goal is to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews, which they are doing through terrorism.

    Because of this I believe that the Arabs, who want to destroy Israel, should go back to their homelands where they or their ancestors came from.

    The Israelis are fighting for their survival. Would you let yourself or family be murdered by hostile neighbors? The Jews already experienced one holocaust they don’t need to experience another one.

  • Malia 02.08.05, 10:30 PM

    How are you doing? So sorry to hear you’re freezing in Canada. It’s a beautiful 80 degrees where I live. It’s hard not to boast on a day like this. Take care.

  • DaninVan 02.09.05, 1:21 AM

    Not freezing here in Sechelt (near vancouver), Malia….ok, there was some frost last night, but let’s not get picky.

  • Anon 02.09.05, 3:52 AM


    So, you are in favour of taking the Arabs who are currently residing east of the Green Line and west of the Jordan and deporting them all, right? That wouldn’t be ethnic cleansing?

    I still don’t see how one can expect someone who wants a Palestinian state east of the GL and west of the Jordan to go: “well alright, don’t give them a state then” because gays aren’t treated fairly there. Sari seemed to say that the way gays are treated says something about support for Palestine, if Israel treating gays better doesn’t mean that all Israel does is just and moral, then how is gays’ treatment pertinent to establishment of statehood?

  • Malia 02.09.05, 8:22 AM

    First of all I don’t believe that there should be a “Palestinian” state because it’s based on a falsehood. There has never been an “Palestinian” county, people, language, or culture. The Arabs started calling themselves “Palestinians to make claims on Israel which is “Palestine.”

    The Arabs own over 99% of the Middle East while the Jews have a tiny sliver of land which they are indigenous to. Why should they give up any of their land to a people who are indgenous to another place?

    Deporting a group of people who want to murder you, your family and destroy your country is not “ethnic cleansing.” It’s called survival!

    I know there are law-abiding Arabs living in Israel. I was talking about the Arabs who are terrorists or support terrorism. Unfortunately it seems like that is the majority right now.

    I watched a documentary on female suicide bombers recently and it was horrific. It made me more sympathetic to Israel. All the Arab girls wanted to become martrys and murder Jews. They had no value for human life and were completely brainwashed to think that their “land” was stolen by the Jews. These girls were so full of anger and hate that they can only be described as being evil.

    A great quote that I recently read sums up the situation in Israel perfectly, “There will never be peace until the Arabs love their children more than they hate the Jews.”

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