Well that made sense…


In the wake of yesterday’s bombings in London, one of the first announcements made from the G8 summit was a pledge of 3 billion in aid to the Palestinians.

Sure, because everyone knows the first thing we should do after being hit with a terrorist attack is give money to terrorists…

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1 Debbye 07.10.05 at 2:58 AM

Well put and beautifully understated.


2 josh 07.10.05 at 6:37 PM

that’s the exactly the way the world turns.


3 John Palubiski 07.12.05 at 2:05 PM

Terrorism in the name of Islam is turning into a protection racket.


4 Kwe::Kwe 07.12.05 at 5:26 PM


Does it surprise anyone that a part of the enormous amount of money that is extorted from us by the ruling class goes to kill and murder us? Not me.

When one closely examines the current crop of monkeys that run amok in Canadian Parliament, lack of common sense such as this shouldn’t surprise anyone.


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