The world’s most boring leadership race


The Parti Quebecois leadership race is garnering surprisingly little media attention, considering that whoever wins is almost certain to be our next premier – Charest’s numbers are in the toilet and another long season of union striking is set to begin – and this person has a fair shot at leading the Yes side of a subsequent referendum to victory. Even the news that a candidate was arrested for drunk driving and may drop out of the race barely registers an eyeblink.

Why? Simple. None of the candidates for PQ leader has any more personality than a toadstool.

Andre Boisclair? Pauline Marois? Louis Bernard? These people make Bernard Landry look like Lucien Bouchard.

The “old guard” PQ has been said to be making its last-ditch stand for years now. But instead of new ideas and dynamic energy, all we’re seeing are the same hard-line policy proposals, anti-English rhetoric, choruses of “Blame Canada”, and tired leftist slogans from the same group of PQ leaders.

Of course, people will probably pay more attention as the November 15th vote approaches. But to most Quebecers – especially those on the other side – the leadership race is a bunch of same old, same old.

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1 Ikram 09.13.05 at 4:18 PM

Andre Boisclair is part of the PQ old Guard?


2 Tré 09.13.05 at 5:27 PM

Leftist slogans? The PQ, and nationalisms in general, are right-wing movements. The PQs economic policy has also veered right. And socially, who could forget the PQs 2IC a few years back (a woman) telling women quebeckers that they would soon be on board the PQ wagon, its just that it takes women a bit longer to understand policy than men(!) Fuck the PQ.


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