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A fight for survival

Imshin is fed up, and writes why:

I started this blog in 2002 because I was so upset about the lies being told about Israel all the time. Lies being told and being believed.

I don’t care any more. It doesn’t matter. We’ve always had to look out for ourselves. Today is no different.

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Brave kids are fighting for us in Lebanon, getting wounded, getting killed. Whole families have been sitting underground for weeks, many others are refugees. People are being killed and wounded in their homes, thousands of homes have been destroyed. By an organization described by some foreign media as a ‘resistance movement’. Resistance against what exactly?

Against Israel’s existence. They are quite clear about that.

The situation is that Lebanon has to burn right now if Israel is to survive. I’m sorry for the people on the other side, but that is the way it is. Us or them. In that respect we are not doing nearly enough for the enemy to get the picture. No, for the enemy to cease to be.

So I’m supposed to be bothered about the usual lies being told about us by our enemies, those who wish us to cease to be? Excuse me if I don’t give a $%^&!

Read the whole thing.

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  • josh 08.09.06, 12:37 PM

    While I have the luxury of being able to ignore the western media as well as the local Israeli tabloid leftist stuff as well, for you guys out there it’s your front line. The second you give up and let the Arab lies take over, nothing will happen. But after years of internalizing the crap, the mindless masses will have digested it all nonetheless and will remember it all when someone or some movement decides to rise to power on your backs.

    I got fed up about 15 years ago with the vicous Canada/Quebec issues and pointlesssearch for material happiness and money to pay for Jewish education. I have not looked back once.

    I haven’t chimed in with my old motto in a while; Please move to Israel, or at least seriously get ready to.

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