A war for survival


Trevalyan has a message to people who don’t believe Israel is in a war for the survival for its people:

Let’s contrast how you, and your enemy, deal with the problem. You feel ever so sad when you hear one of your soldier killed a civilian. They throw goddamn parties when one of their bombers strikes. Mass death for them is VICTORY. Your news always tries to soothe your emotions: even the Jerusalem Post, who you know could get a lot nastier, a lot quicker when they take pictures, because your imagination can see the destruction is even worse than what the TV shows. They show accidental deaths of children, footage as gory as it gets- they want to hate you, and God knows no one’s got a gun to their head to watch the hatred.

[ . . . ]

Your enemy names STREETS after child killers, celebrate them as “the general of the martyrs” whatever the FUCKISTAN that verbal diarrhea means. Their child- killers are glorified, their politicians fall over themselves to claim credit for slaughtering toddlers after murdering their screaming mother.

[ . . . ]

I don’t particularly want you to hate them, son. I want you to know what IS. What people deal with every day. Because Israel at least makes the attempt to spare lives. Arafat and his clones have to TAKE them, otherwise they become less popular: this is obvious to anyone with brains, and not all the UN commissions in the world can get by that, my friend!

Looks like I’m not the only one who’s pissed off.

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