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People’s Democratic Republic of Death Camps ups the stakes

North Korea wants to bolster its nuclear weapons program:

North Korea will upgrade its arsenal “in every way by employing all possible means and methods” and will greet any aggressors with “all-out do-or-die resistance and unprecedented devastating strikes,” Kim Il Chol said, according to the Korean Central News Agency.

The PDRDC isn’t even bothering to feed anyone stories about “power stations” anymore. Emboldened perhaps by the world’s staggering inability to do much of anything to stop his horrifying regime from going nuclear, Kim Jong-Il is taking this game of chicken to the next level.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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  • DaninVan 07.28.06, 4:37 PM

    You saw the article about China losing patience with N.Korea over their counterfitting of Chinese currency?
    It’s getting verry interesting. I think the Illustrious Leader can’t stand being out of the limelight.

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