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Who comes up with these headlines anyway?

The headline: Half think Harper too pro-Israel.

The article:

[The poll] said 45 per cent agree Harper’s position is “fair and balanced and completely appropriate,” while 44 per cent say it is “decidedly too pro-Israel and is not appropriate.” Eleven per cent say he has not supported Israel strongly enough.

Hmmm, by my calculation, that means that more than half of people think Harper is either “fair” or not pro-Israel enough, while less than half think he’s “too pro-Israel”.

Leaving aside the issue of leading questions, unbalanced media coverage, or, you know, those pesky actual facts, who taught the editors how to do math?

Update: Oh, it gets better: the story is linked from the Gazette homepage with the headline “Harper too pro-Israel: poll”. When in fact, the opposite is true; 56% of people have said they don’t think he’s too pro-Israel. *Sigh*.

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  • Michael 07.25.06, 12:09 AM

    We should all be happy Harper is supporting Israel’s right to defend itself. I am still in disbelief that there are people who cannot see how evil and horrible Hezbollah is.

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