5 things they should have done at the opening ceremonies


The Olympic opening ceremonies will stand as a shining example of where creative-by-committee will get you. As best as I can figure, someone at some point must have had a cool creative concept for this thing. But then it got watered down by layer after layer of bureaucracy until we ended up with… well, I’m not quite sure what that was, to be honest. Other than boring as hell.

But, we all know Canada is much cooler than the lame-ass CBC-heritage-moment crap we saw tonight. Way to represent.

So, here’s my top five list of things that they could have done to better showcase what Canada is all about:

5) Joe, from the Molson Canadian commercials. That watered-down imitation preacher guy was just stealing from his material anyway. I mean, Zed, not Z? If I were Molson, I’d sue.

4) A 3-hour Arcade Fire concert. Yes, believe it or not, we have musicians who are more recent than Bryan Adams. How about getting some of them on stage?

3) The Canada-USA gold medal game from Salt Lake City. Get the teams back for a re-enactment. Or, hell, just show video footage on a big screen.

2) Festivals from coast to coast. A medley of acts from everything from the Montreal Jazz Festival to Toronto’s Caribana to the Calgary Stampede.

1) Cirque du Soleil… we friggin’ invented it, why do other Olympic games get to use them and we get some random dude faking flying while held up by wires?

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1 Jodi Charto 02.13.10 at 10:28 AM

Couldn't agree more; honestly, it was an embarassement


2 Heather Oliver 02.13.10 at 12:50 PM

Disagree. Thought it was amazing. And also thought the spoken word guy was brilliant!


3 Paul McEnany 02.13.10 at 10:10 AM

I vote for number 4. 🙂


4 Jodi Charto 02.13.10 at 4:28 PM

<<<<applause>>> Sari – YOU shold have planned it!


5 Alyssa Tresidder 02.15.10 at 1:27 AM

Also disagree – it was brilliant


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