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Vacation deprivation: An update

Forget SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder); what we’re really suffering from collectively as a nation is VDS: Vacation Deprivation Syndrome.

And it hasn’t gotten any better, either. Us Canadians are still among the most vacation-deprived people on earth, ranking dead last among 40 countries studied in terms of the amount of vacation time that the average worker is entitled to receive.

I think I need to move to Finland, France, Lithuania, or Brazil.

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  • Jim Royal 02.12.10, 10:41 AM

    I agree 100%. I need a solid week — not even to travel — but to putter about, walk, shoot photos, catch up on old movies I've been wanting to see, and cook a good chilli.

  • Sara Sutherland 02.12.10, 1:18 PM

    but the first article said that Quebecois are the least vacation deprived in Canada 🙂

  • segacs 02.12.10, 1:50 PM

    Sara, that's true, but that's just because we're the most likely in Canada to actually use all the vacation days that we get. We still get the least number of days.

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