Itchy Feet


So I haven’t really traveled in a while. Save for a quick trip to New York City last winter, it’s been almost a year since I’ve been anywhere of consequence. Those of you who know me know that, for me, a year without travel is a very. long. time.

Anyway, I’ve discovered that – thanks to Ipsos-Reid and the folks over at Expedia – there’s a name for what I’m feeling: Vacation Deprivation. Yep, it seems that this condition is suffered by 33% of Canadians, so I’m definitely not alone.

But perhaps more astoundingly, 29% of Canadians aren’t taking all their vacation time that they get from their jobs. Considering that for most North Americans, “all” vacation time amounts to a paltry 10 days a year, that is definitely tough to believe, but it’s true: nearly 41 million days of vacation time went untaken last year.

Rest assured, I won’t be one of them. Starting with this weekend, when I plan to go camping – hopefully not in the rain. But my itchy feet will soon be taking me further away. Stay tuned.

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1 Carmen 08.22.08 at 2:07 AM

Ithcy feet ‘eh? I hear Goldbond works well! hahaha
Ok so I guess you can count me in on your “vacation deprivation” syndrome considering I used to have a month and a half off….3 vacations a year. Uh it was nice, but I’m broke because of it…I saw we don’t show up one day at work citing we came down with a bad case of “vacation deprivation”. That would go over well!


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