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Austria shields wanted Nazi war criminal

He’s ranked number four in a list of the world’s most wanted and notorious Nazi war criminals. But – all together now – that doesn’t mean he’s not a nice person, right?

Milivoj Asner caused a stir just by showing up at a soccer game: The frail 95-year-old is ranked No. 4 on a leading list of most-wanted Nazi war crimes suspects.

Now Austria’s most notorious far-right politician, former Freedom Party leader Joerg Haider, has touched off an even bigger scandal by praising Asner as a “treasured” neighbor who should be allowed to live out his days in peace.

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre, and some private citizens, are fighting a battle to have Asner extradited to Croatia, but so far, the Austrian government has been holding out. Cases like these are more important than ever for their symbolic value, as more people in the world sadly start to subscribe to the lies that are replacing the truth that too few are alive anymore to tell.

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