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Quebec mosque shooting: Change the rhetoric

La Presse is now reporting at least 4 6 deaths in the Ste-Foy Mosque shooting. It’s just sickening.

We’ll know more about the suspect who was taken into custody soon enough. But this isn’t merely on the shooter. This is on all of us. We can do more — we MUST do more — to stop racism in its tracks.

Fellow Quebecers: We know this is not who we are. But just saying that isn’t enough. We must demonstrate it through our actions. These are our neighbours, our friends. We can’t claim to live in an open, welcoming and tolerant society and yet allow shit like this to happen. Standing idly by isn’t an option.

Fellow members of the Quebec Jewish Community: We’ve endured racist attacks against our own institutions, so we, above all, must act when our fellow citizens are facing the same sorts of threats. Let’s step up and prove that we oppose ALL racism, not only racism directed at our particular group.

To our MNAs, MPs and elected officials: Leadership sets the tone. Values charters, debates about head coverings, and debates on who exactly is a Quebecois all throw fuel on the fire. You, above all, have the responsibility to do better. Change the rhetoric.

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