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Concordia Hillel to take legal action against the CSU

Hillel will be holding a press conference tomorrow at 1pm to announce its intention to sue the CSU. Keep watching for the details.

For those of you who are a little confused with the chain of events, I’ll attempt to clarify:

Hillel sent a lawyer’s letter by bailiff to the CSU last week, informing them that legal action would be taken if the resolution to freeze Hillel’s funding and suspend its privileges was not rescinded by Monday (yesterday) at 5pm. By that deadline yesterday, the CSU had failed to respond.

In a JTA article, the CSU was said to have “conditionally reinstated Hillel’s privileges”. But the CSU didn’t actually restore Hillel’s funding and privileges. Instead, first in a proposed deal by CSU president Sabine Freisinger, and now in proposed resolutions by council, they’re aiming to reinstate Hillel under certain “conditions” only.

The “conditional” reinstatement of Hillel is unacceptable. The CSU screwed up, and now they want to impose conditions to try and make Hillel pay even though it did nothing wrong. That’s like stealing a car from a guy, and then demanding $1000 to return it.

Hillel deserves nothing less than a full apology and a reinstatement of all its privileges – unconditionally. Anything less is not only an insult, but a travesty of justice.

Stay tuned . . .

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