Disappointing news coverage


Just watched the mainstream media coverage of the Concordia rally on Pulse (CFCF) at 11:30. I’m disappointed but I can’t say I’m too surprised. Zero coverage inside the event – all they showed was the police cars outside, with the reporter saying that “tensions erupted again at Concordia between Jewish and Arab students”, and a report on how many times the cops have been called to campus. Not a word about what was said inside the rally. Not a word about the CSU trying to shut down Hillel, or what any of the speakers said, or even an estimate of turnout.

I guess if it bleeds it leads, and all that, but it is kind of a letdown. That’s why it’s all that much more important to spread the word about what REALLY happened today, so that people won’t have to get their information from the shoddy news coverage.

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