What’s in a name?


Fête de Dollard, the holiday formerly known as Victoria day, is undergoing yet another name change, courtesy of our thumb-twiddling separatist government:

Premier Bernard Landry announced last Sunday at a commemorative gathering on the sacred ground of the rebels’ lone military victory that the holiday formerly known in Quebec as the Fête de Dollard – and before that Victoria Day – will be decreed the Journée nationale des Patriotes.

The ostensible reason is that Dollard des Ormeaux, the former namesake of the holiday (and of my city/municipality-cum-borough), wasn’t really such a hero after all. Okay, fine, I buy that. But what was so wrong with calling it Victoria Day, like the rest of Canada? I mean, like it or not Landry, we are still part of Canada here.

Of course, that’s just it. The new name is seen in many circles as pandering to the ultra-nationalists in the PQ:

But the only ones clamouring for a Patriotes Day have been the ultra-separatists, a constituency the PQ needs to keep under its wing, and giving them their day is a convenient way to mollify their growing suspicions about the premier’s sovereignist commitment.

From the beginning of the movement in modern times, Quebec sovereignists have conscripted the Patriotes as spiritual brothers-in-arms for the cause of Quebec independence.

Most notoriously, the terrorist Front de Libération du Québec adopted the vintage image of a rifle-toting Patriote in habitant costume as its trademark during the 1970 October Crisis.

Of course, the article goes on to explain that the true history of the Patriotes isn’t what most people believe. But I somehow doubt this will become an issue. People are, in general, much happier to buy the fairy-tale condensed version of historical facts than to actually review them and see them for what they really are.

Whatever really happened in 1837 becomes moot. Papineau’s true nature and beliefs don’t really matter. As long as the legend is preserved, and the separatists mollified, it takes the pressure off Bernard Landry in the leadup to the election. And with the general population (with the exception of the hard-liners in the PQ) becoming increasingly tired of the sovereignty debate, Landry desperately needs the distraction. The PQ has already lost a lot of support to the ADQ, and Landry lacks the personal charisma that Lucien Bouchard used to keep the hard-liners at bay.

I don’t know if a holiday will make the separatists shut up for more than 30 seconds . . . but hey, if that’s all it takes, I’m more than happy to let them have it. Whatever it takes to avoid another neverendum-referendum.

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1 check 03.20.03 at 2:13 AM

Landry is the biggest whore in quebec.
This man is so stupid ,if you put his brain up the ass of an ant it will look like a planet in space..
The PQ and their supporters are the
worst racist in the world..A day is comming when they will pay…..


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