Where’s Waldo?


According to Margaret Wente in the Globe and Mail, the big emphasis shouldn’t be that Canada is on Osama Bin Laden’s terror list. In case we didn’t already know that, she claims, Bali should have been a wake up call. Rather than operate under the delusion that Canada is safe, we need to wake up and find the incredible disappearing Waldo – er – Osama.

The hypocrisy of our leaders is not an edifying sight. Every time Remembrance Day rolls around, they put on their poppies and pay exaggerated homage to the veterans who fought to keep us free. But it’s so much sanctimonious sheep manure. They’ll do everything to honour the warriors among us except treat the active ones decently. They pay lots of lip service to Nov. 11. But they’re still acting as if it’s Sept. 10.

You’re either for us or for the terrorists, George W. once said, and people mocked him for his simple-minded reduction of the world into us and them. But Osama’s simple-minded, too. And like it or not, he’s chosen our side for us.

Right on! Unfortunately, too many Canadians seem to be labouring under the delusion that nobody will attack us if we “be nice” and don’t piss them off. Riiiiiight.

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