Blame Ohio


Well, the South Park song was wrong: it’s Blame Ohio.

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1 Stan Brin 08.20.03 at 11:13 AM

Actually, there are a lot of people
in California who blame Canada for
much of the catastrophic unemployment
in the film industry’s “craft” unions.

As one of the few locals with some
understanding of the “Canadian content” practices, i have to admit that they’re right. it’s a form of discrimination that Canadians would never allow if applied to them.

Enjoy Stargate SG1 while you can. Eventually, these subsidies will be banned, probably by the simple expedient of requiring a notice:

“This film was subsidized by the Canadian government. Actors playing American soldiers, etc., are not Americans. The number of American jobs lost due to the production of this film in Canada is nnn.”

A bit nasty, I know, but it will work.


2 segacs 08.20.03 at 2:00 PM

Um, I was talking about the power blackout, but, um, ok . . .


3 Stan Brin 08.24.03 at 1:00 PM

Sorry, just too much greaduate work in Canadian Studies. There is nothing to do with it other than the occasional rant.

: – ))


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