Chretien sends plane to rescue Peres


Whoever else was inconvenienced by the big blackout, Jean Chretien was making damn sure that Shimon Peres made it home for his birthday celebrations:

Former Israeli prime minister Shimon Peres made it home to celebrate his 80th birthday despite the huge power cuts in North America after Canadian premier Jean Chretien sent his personal jet to rescue him, reports said.

I wonder if Chretien would have been so quick to send his private jet to rescue, say, Ariel Sharon or Benjamin Netanyahu?

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1 Judah B. 08.18.03 at 10:06 PM

As a pro-Israeli, why do you seem upset that the Canadian prime minister did a favor for a former Israeli prime minister.

Or are you just pro-rightwing-Israelis?


2 segacs 08.18.03 at 10:21 PM

I’m not upset. I just find it an amusing news fact.


3 uhhhsegacs 08.20.03 at 4:29 AM

no he wouldn’t have i don’t believe, simply because the former character actually attempted to initiate peace, whereas the latter two are bloodthirsty right-wing whackjobs.


4 Advanced Calculus 08.20.03 at 6:07 PM

I agree I think Chrétien did the right thing. Netanyahu and Sharon are unfortunately troublemakers.


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