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Always looking for the silver lining

Shimon Peres’s attempt to put a positive spin on the global economic crisis:

“The leaders of Iran cannot give their children uranium for breakfast,” Peres said, adding that the world financial crisis would hamper Iran’s progress toward nuclear capability. “As the price of oil declines, Iran doesn’t have as much money to invest in uranium, missiles and terrorism,” he said.

Erm. Not sure about the logic of that one, Shimon. Worsening economic conditions usually breeds more hatred and a need for scapegoating, just as peace usually requires prosperity to achieve. But hey, way to keep up that optimism.

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  • Sigivald 12.11.08, 6:04 PM

    Ah, but hatred and scapegoating won’t build you a nuclear weapon, without money for materials and tools. Nor will the Russians or Chinese take either in exchange for missiles or technical work to maintain existing ones – they prefer cash or commodities.

    Peres’ point is reasonable as stated – he doesn’t say that a global recession will make Iran nice or happy or friendly towards Israel.

    He says it’ll reduce the amount of money they have to spend on harmful things, which seems undeniably true.

    The price of oil drops, Iran has less cash to spend – and it can’t not spend on domestic social needs or there’ll be a revolution.

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