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Concordia makes headlines

The Concordia election results made headlines in the Gazette and president-elect Natalie Pomerleau was interviewed on CJAD yesterday afternoon.

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  • No one 03.29.03, 11:58 PM

    She’s hot.

  • segacs 03.30.03, 12:14 AM

    That was real deep, whoever you are. I’m awed by the insightfulness of that statement.

  • Erk 03.31.03, 6:00 AM

    She’s got her head screwed on good and tight and her work cut out for her. May the inevitable contestations be quickly slapped down in the face of more students voting for her slate than typically vote at all in Concordia elections.

    May she get good volunteers and staff and may her council support be good.

    That, and she’s cute. And orange is a nice colour.

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