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Evolution by a landslide!

Concordia students turned out in record numbers to give the moderate “Evolution” a resounding victory by more than double the number of votes over the radical leftist “Clean Slate” in this year’s CSU election. The tally was 2,260 votes for Evolution, compared to 1,097 for Clean Slate and less than 300 for each of the remaining slates.

More than half of council’s seats went to moderate candidates as well (although note that this year’s president, Sabine Freisinger, was elected to council, as well as a few of her buddies.)

All in all, this is a very clear message from Concordia students about what sort of union they want running their school next year. And it can only mean good things for the future and reputation of Concordia.

Update: It seems that the actual numbers will be slightly different, due to what the Link refers to as “misplaced tally sheets”. Updated numbers will be announced Monday, but the CEO says they will not affect the results.

Also, the first threats from the sore-loser leftists are starting to crawl out of the woodwork, for example, this comment on the Link’s site. They can’t be happy about losing the election, but I would have hoped they’d at least be more graceful about it.

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  • Joe 03.28.03, 5:37 PM

    This is exactly why Hillel’s lawsuit against the CSU is idiotic in the extreme. If the lawsuit goes through now, then a new CSU which had nothing to do with Hillel’s funds being frozen will have to pay thousands of dollars for something they had no part in. What a waste of student funds.

  • mr_b2b2 03.28.03, 6:04 PM

    Joe, The money is owed to Hillel, so next year the CSU will settle and provide a budget boost to Hillel as it deserves plus renumeration for the crimes of the current CSU. A few more months and the CSU regime will be history. Cheers to a free Concordia!

  • Realist 03.28.03, 7:07 PM

    Actually, the lawsuit was initiated because the CSU was forcing them to sign a document and refused to apologize for suspending them. Once the new CSU restores Hillel’s budget I’m sure the lawsuit will be dropped.

  • mr_b2b2 03.28.03, 7:28 PM

    Hillel should also be compensated for lost funding this year.

  • Geoff 03.28.03, 10:44 PM

    Nice to see Concordia students take charge. Anyone want to take bets as to how long until the losers start blaming a Zionist conspiracy?

  • Rohan 03.29.03, 3:53 AM

    Yay!! ^__^

    Even Jess Magalios (the new VP-Academic and one of our most hardcore “activists”) would never stoop as low as the old CSU. At any rate, at least two people I trust are on council this year, including the president: I’m certain MUN won’t have problems. 🙂

    The beginning of the end for Islamofascist-supporting idiocy? One can only hope…

  • Peter Lehrer 03.29.03, 11:43 PM

    Congratulations to all Concordia students. Job well done. Democracy works.

  • mr_b2b2 03.30.03, 4:32 AM

    good job concordia,
    the only thing is Trish Mcintosh needs to go, she’s disgusting.

  • Meryl Yourish 03.31.03, 4:18 AM

    Bravo, Concordia students!

    It’s so nice to see the good guys win.

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