Israel stops Hezbollah arms ship


The latest blow to the “but Hezbollah is just a social organization!” movement: Israel has stopped a ship full of smuggled illegal arms off the coast of Haifa:

The Dubai-based satellite television station al-Arabiya reported that the weapons were bound for Palestinians. It said Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz would give details of the incident later Thursday.

If the arms were bound for Palestinian areas, as was last year’s shipment, it would deal another blow to a new U.S.-backed peace plan already battered by violence.

And yet when Canada finally got a clue and banned Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, they whined loudly that the government was duped by a “propaganda campaign”:

Hezbollah said Canada has fallen for a disinformation campaign run out of Israel, and the decision to list the organization as a terrorist group will hurt Canada’s image in the Arab world.

Sure, I suppse the rocket launches, weapons smuggling, and kidnappings are all part of the same “propaganda campaign” too, right?

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1 Jonny 05.22.03 at 7:26 PM

It didn’t hurt Canada’s image in the arab world as much as it seemed to have hurt Norway’s image!?!


2 tali 05.26.03 at 4:01 AM

The person on the tape you’re refering to – whoever he is – appears to have mistaken Norway for Denmark. (Denmark, not Norway, supported the US in Iraq.)

BOTH countries are now taking extra precautions: Norway on the grounds that the tape may lead someone among their local supply of radical islamists to attack civilians in Norway, and Denmark on the grounds that most of THEIR local extremists no doubt realize the error.

Worth noting: both counties are world champs in areas that would certainly make radical islamists want their people dead. Both have stirling records on women’s equality and gay rights, Norway is a large oil producer, and Denmark is famous for saving most of its Jewish population during the Holocaust.


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