More terror in Israel


More terror in Israel, as a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv kills 3 and injures 15:

Israel radio reports that a suicide bomber attempted to enter Mike’s Place, a seafront coffee house near the US Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Initial reports state the security guard at the restaurant tried to wrestle the terrorist to the ground when the terrorist detonated his explosives.

I hate to say it but I’ve almost become numb to this already. It sounds awful, doesn’t it? That terror has become so commonplace, that we tend to move right past the grief and shock stages, straight to a political analysis of the fallout.

And that, of course, is crystal-clear: the terrorists are making their point that, as the new Palestinian cabinet is approved, possibly paving the way towards more negotiations, they’re reminding anyone who may have forgotten that they will never accept any sort of peace agreement with Israel. They want nothing more or less than the total destruction of Israel, and they will keep on launching terror attacks until then.

The United States, however, is now in a position where it is committed to the “road map” and is politically indebted to European allies such as Tony Blair to make another push towards peace between Israel and the Palestinians. So, as these large forces shuffle their cards, Israel will once again be asked to make sacrifices, weakening its position in order to appease its allies, in exchange for only more terror and bloodshed. When will they realize that you can’t force peace between two parties who don’t trust each other?

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1 Laura 04.30.03 at 2:30 PM

Didn’t the Israeli army kill Rachel Corrie and other peace activists in Israel? Don’t they continue to take Palestinian lives, land and homes? How is this helping the peace process? Could the Palestinians be reacting to Israeli violence? Why is the Israeli army’s violence a good thing and Palestinian violence evil?


2 Talia 04.30.03 at 2:45 PM

At the same time, couldnt you say that the Israeli army is reacting to Palestinean violence Laura?


3 Mr. X 04.30.03 at 2:50 PM

There is a huge difference.

The Israeli army doesn’t wake up and decide to go out and kill as many palestinians as possible. Terrorists do that.

Rachel Corrie’s death was unfortunate, but it was a result of her own stupidity. If I recall she was run over by a tank as a human shield.

Lets now equate this accident with a child walking in front of a bus. As we all know, children are discouraged from walking infront of busses because the driver cannot see them, and they can get run over. The driver of a tank has a far worse field of vision than a bus driver. More importantly, Rachel was a grown-up. She should have known full well the dangers of her actions.


4 jaws 05.01.03 at 2:32 AM

Mr. X.–I think you mean bulldozer, not tank. Ms. Corrie’s actions were extremely idiotic, and there’s no one to blame but herself


5 Laura 05.01.03 at 3:36 AM

Where do you all get your facts?


6 jaws 05.01.03 at 6:44 AM

Which facts are you refering to exactly?

We usually get them from the primary sources; rather than the revisionist textbooks.


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