Suicide bombing in Kfar Saba


There was another suicide bombing in Israel today.

The terrorist was trying to board a commuter train in Kfar Saba, a town outside Tel Aviv. The hero of the story is a security guard, Alexander Kostiyuk, 23, of Bat Yam. So far the only reported casualty, Kostiyuk was apparently suspicious of the bomber, and detained the him by asking for his papers, essentially acting as a human shield when the bomber then detonated his explosive on the platform:

“This is a true hero who prevented a huge disaster,” Sharon district police chief Amichai Shai told The Jerusalem Post in an interview after the attack.

At least 14 other people were injured.

The timing of this attack is just further evidence that the Palestinian terror factions will never allow progress to be made towards a peace agreement. It comes only a day after an agreement between Arafat and Abu Mazan, the newly-appointed Palestinian Prime Minister, allowed for a cabinet to be named. Although this is a farce of democracy, foreign powers including Britain and, to some extent, the United States, seem ready to view these changes as steps towards the infamous “road map”, and are preparing for a new drive towards a peace agreement.

And of course, every time someone decides – mainly as a political move – to begin pushing for peace in the middle east, terrorism increases. The problem is that these groups will never accept peace under any circumstances, so they will continue to carry out terror attacks – the one thing sure to derail any peace process – in order to prevent negotiations from moving forward.

In the meantime, people keep dying.

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1 Jonny 04.24.03 at 7:17 PM

You can’t negotiate with terrorists.


2 Laura 04.29.03 at 4:53 PM

Didn’t the Israeli army kill Rachel Corrie and other peace activists in Israel? Don’t they continue to take Palestinian lives, land and homes? How is this helping the peace process? Could the Palestinians be reacting to Israeli violence? Why is the Israeli army’s violence a good thing and Palestinian violence evil?


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