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Israel took out a top leader of the Islamic Jihad in a targeted attack today.

This on the same day as an attack by the Al-Aksa Brigades and the PFLP in which two Israeli soldiers were killed and nine others wounded while they slept in their tents.

The situation in Israel is heating up unfortunately, while the world’s attention is focused on Iraq. As both sides face the possibility that the Western world (namely the U.S.) will begin pressuring them to accept the “road map”, I fear more terror attacks by Palestinian fringe groups who will do anything to make sure that doesn’t happen. It seems like every time the United States gets involved in pressing for peace in the region, all that results is more violence.

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1 Hanthala 04.10.03 at 11:01 PM

How many others did it kill along with the alleged “terrorist”? (Sorry, don’t read or subscribe to the J or N Post).


2 segacs 04.11.03 at 12:00 AM

Why not? It’s free to subscribe to the website. Or are you afraid of reading viewpoints that you may not agree with?


3 Alex 04.11.03 at 2:07 AM

I’ve never respected cheering for a murder.


4 Hanthala 04.11.03 at 5:51 PM

No Segacs, I just prefer to read reliable sources (of any viewpoint).


5 segacs 04.11.03 at 8:00 PM

Oh? So what “reliable” sources do you read to represent the Israeli viewpoint?


6 Ben 04.11.03 at 9:24 PM

It’s sad to anyone happy about death.


7 Quiet Storm 04.16.03 at 7:10 AM

Who wouldn’t be happy to hear that Hitler or Pol Pot had died? Certainly the leaders of PIJ are no better. Off with their heads!


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