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They’re coming

Nearly half a million people are expected to descend on Toronto for the big Rolling Stones concert tomorrow. And they’re lining up already.

Also on the bill are the Guess Who, AC/DC, Rush, Blue Rodeo, the Tea Party, the Flaming Lips, Montrealers Sass Jordan and Sam Roberts, and . . . Justin Timberlake? (Yeah, seems a bit out of place doesn’t he? Can you picture all the 50+ concert-goers dancing to his brand of pop?)

Anyway, all of these bands for only $21.50 seems like a pretty decent deal, which is probably why they’re flocking from all directions and filling up Toronto’s hotels and restaurants, which have been standing pretty empty since the SARS epidemic.

All good news for Toronto. And a pretty spectacular music event if I do say so myself, even if it did cost the government a fortune and Ticketmaster is going to reap most of the profits. I’m sure it’ll be lots of fun.

But Justin Timberlake???

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  • gregg 07.30.03, 5:28 PM

    I heard Mick Jagger has Sars

  • Jonny 07.31.03, 5:33 PM

    I went to the concert last night. AC/DC were much better than the stones but it was all good. Angus Young did a song with the stones, and so did Justin Timberlake.

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