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Tube breakdown

To all you people in London stuck at home because of the Tube breakdown, well, that sucks. Then again, at least you HAVE the Tube generally. Unlike where I live, where the closest Metro station is a 20 minute drive.

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  • Steve Brandon 01.30.03, 4:24 AM

    Oh… the Tube. I love the Map; I have it on my wall. There are so many different lines in central London, though, that if a line is closed, you really only need to walk a couple of streets to use a different line. I wonder how the crash at Chauncery Lane affected the Waterloo and City line, since that one only goes to Bank, two stations east on the Central line?

    It would be cool if the Métro were as extensive as the Underground… it should go out to Dorval and Pointe-Claire at the very least. Though, admittedly, the Underground is largely above ground outside of central London and we do have above-ground commuter train lines here in Montreal, but with service only once every couple of hours during off-peak hours.

  • segacs 01.30.03, 5:02 AM

    Yeah . . . if you’re in central London it’s not so bad to just take another line. But if you live in the suburbs, like most people, and count on taking the Underground to work every day, and you only live near one line and it happens to be the central line . . . well, what can I say Jon? Sucks to be you!

    You’re right Steve, our commuter trains are terrible. They’re really only useful for people going straight downtown at rush hour. Those of us who don’t work downtown are out of luck.

  • Jon K 02.01.03, 11:52 AM

    Ok, first up : The Waterloo and City Line uses the same trains as the Central Line. Both lines were closed while they examine all the trains. Now it has been decided to replace all the undercarriage bolts on the trains, so those two lines are closed till February 13th. On Feb 14th, a skeleton service will resume and who knows when things will be back to normal.

    Traffic has been horrendous all throughout the mornings and gridlocked at night.

    As for myself, I dont live too far from Jubilee, Victoria or District line stations, but you have to feel sorry for those that live further out (into Essex) who do not have those options.

  • segacs 02.02.03, 5:12 AM

    Jon, just move here and all your problems will be solved 😉

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