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And more about booing

A Peewee hockey team from the U.S. was not booed this year. That’s the news. Why? Cause they were booed last year. Of course, this year they played in New Brunswick, and last year’s series was here in Quebec. That could have something to do with it:

Having borne the brunt of anti-American sentiment during their last visit to Canada, a peewee hockey team from Massachusetts is back again. And this time, they are being welcomed with open arms.

When the Brockton Boxers were in Quebec for a hockey tournament last March, fans upset by the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq let them know how they felt.

As they took to the ice in Montreal one day after U.S. troops rolled into Iraq, the 12- and 13-year-olds were lambasted with anti-American jeering.

The Brockton Boxers’ Jon Spano remembers the events well.

“There were protesters and everything… and we had to get escorted off the bus… because there was so many of them,” he told CTV Atlantic affiliate, ATV News.

“Then they burnt our flag and they booed the national anthem and all that stuff.”

Nice. Real nice.

At least the New Brunswick hosts seem to have caught on that these are kids, not international terrorists:

When their bus arrived, a welcoming committee of local pewee players was on hand, banging their sticks in welcome.

What a shame that the Montreal hosts couldn’t figure that out last year.

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