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Another stupid online poll

Another one of those meaningless, un-scientific polls that pisses me off beyond all logical reasoning: Canada.com is asking people whether they believe Israel’s assassination of Sheik Yassin is justified. At the moment, 45% said no.

That shocks me. I can understand skepticism about the point of taking out Yassin, or fear of the consequences. But to ask whether the assassination of a terrorist, responsible for thousands of innocent deaths, was justified? I can’t imagine what arguments the 45% who voted no could possibly have (other than the standard “well, Israel did it so it must be wrong”).

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  • DaninVan 03.24.04, 3:17 AM

    Hey, Young Lady! Your posted e-addy doesn’t compute. I’ve got a ltr from Hillel at York that I’d like to send to you. Plse. e-mail me.

  • Puck 04.30.04, 6:27 AM

    Who could possibly disagree with an assassination? Has murder become so commonplace in Israel and the occupied territories?

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