Demerger register tallies


The Demerger register tallies are in.

22 of 28 former municipalities in Montreal have obtained the requisite minimum 10% signatures to force a referendum, as have 12 of 13 Quebec City region boroughs, and a number of South Shore and other former cities as well. All will get the opportunity to reclaim their cities that were stolen from them (at least somewhat) on June 20th.

The specific municipalities that will hold referendums are posted. They include virtually everywhere on the island of Montreal, 5 of 8 former municipalities in Longueil (South Shore), and in former municipalities in the Shawinigan, Sherbrooke, Gatineau, and Beauharnois regions.

Still think it’s a language issue?

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1 Paul Jané 05.21.04 at 8:32 PM

You know, I’m amazed that Outremont didn’t make it (and what is this Dorval Island place??), I’m glad that TMR made it, though.


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