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El Al: Ever leaving always loopy

I wonder if El Al should start using this in its advertising:

During the flight, members of both groups began running wild. “I have never seen anything like this”, said a cabin crew member. “Kids from both groups were totally out of control, behaving like hooligans. They were smoking on the flight, and drinking large quantities of alcohol. Some of them bought a bottle of whiskey from the duty free, and drank the entire bottle, arriving in Israel totally pickled”.

Many of the passengers behaved inappropriately, making out on the seats. One particularly enterprising couple was caught trying to have sex in the restroom, but were interrupted before being able to fully implement their plans.

Well, I suppose it beats in-flight movies and salted peanuts.

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  • DaninVan 09.03.04, 6:42 AM

    So, apparently the ‘Mile-High Club’ doesn’t have any age restrictions?
    Their parents must be so pleased…

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