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EU presents resolution on North Korea

The EU, with American backing, has finally presented a resolution about North Korea to the UN Human Rights Commission:

The European Union (EU), backed by countries including the United States, expressed concern on Thursday at reports of grave and systematic abuses in North Korea, including “infanticide in prison and labor camps.”

The EU, in a resolution presented to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights on behalf of 37 countries, also called for appointing a special U.N. investigator for the first time to go to the reclusive, Stalinist country.

I’m wondering if they actually expect the UN to get off their asses and do something?

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  • Albert Law 04.08.04, 10:55 PM

    How many troops would you like the UN to have command over to enforce its resolutions?

    Considering how difficult it currently is to make some countries accept a world judiciary in addition to a world legislative body, how likely do you think it would be that a world executive branch could be set up as well?

  • josh 04.08.04, 11:54 PM

    Don’t expect anything to come of it.
    There are few, if any, Jews in North Korea to warrant any action.
    The money the Americans and Europeans send to the ‘Palestinian’ Arabs and which is funneled to terrorist groups could make a real difference with real NGOs working in North Korea. Too bad we are too busy with this meaningless ‘Israeli/Arab’ conflict over a speck of land in the desert.

  • DaninVan 04.09.04, 3:21 AM

    ?… well, Josh, that was special.

  • Otter 04.09.04, 2:13 PM

    Albert, a good starting point would be for the alleged Commission on Human Rights to not *add* North Korea as a *member*, as they’ve been considering, even if it would fit in well in the company of human rights luminaries like Sudan, Syria and Cuba. I don’t think anyone is proposing a blue-helmeted invasion, although you may recall that the UN already has fought one war against North Korea.

    It’s been an exciting week, though — first the UN considers “expressing concern” about Sudan, then they express retroactive concern about Rwanda and now they might even express concern about the DPRK! Big things!

  • Albert Law 04.09.04, 2:58 PM


    You said what it should not do or stop doing ( like including a member ), not what it should positively do. That’s not exactly “getting off one’s ass”.

    The only way in which legislative bodies get off their asses is by making laws, holding hearings and conducting investigations.

  • josh 04.10.04, 10:48 PM

    I liked this from “Anti-Semitism Denial”

    “The petition,” wrote Wisse,”requires that Israel comply with certain resolutions of the UN–the terms of which it distorts to say what those resolutions do not mean”; she also pointed out that the petition says nothing of the fact that all the Arab states remain in perpetual non-compliance with the entire UN Charter, which is based on the
    principle of mutual respect for the sovereignty of member states, which
    are to settle disputes by peaceful means.

  • Albert Law 04.12.04, 4:44 PM

    So, Segac, how would you like the UN to get off their asses and do something ( as opposed to things it should not do, like Otter noted )?

    Please don’t talk about inspections.

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