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Random musings

  • What on earth is that William Hung kid doing performing on Jay Leno? Sheesh, he’s so bad it’s embarrassing! I’d feel bad for the poor kid… but he’s more successful than most real musicians in North America. For the next 15 minutes at least. I don’t watch American Idol or anything, but I’d venture to say he’s enjoying more fame and publicity than any of the finalists! From Beatles to Hung in less than fifty years. What is music coming to?
  • Letters like this one are encouraging and nice to see. But they’re also easy. Too easy. It’s simple to act upset and shocked when assholes firebomb an elementary school. It’s harder to face down other forms of antisemitism that aren’t so obvious but are just as harmful. I’d like to see a flooding of support for the Jewish community when there’s a suicide attack in Israel. Instead, we get finger-pointing and Israel-bashing.
  • Speaking of the UTT fire, Geoff has photos (via Celestial Blue). Disturbing to see the building that way. I can’t bring myself to drive by. Though the attack happened in the elementary school’s library, the high school is attached and so I spent 5 years of my life inside that building on a near-daily basis. I’m too used to remembering it as the place I dreaded seeing as we drove up every morning… and was happy to be let loose from every afternoon … only because it meant long days trapped inside boring classes. It meant a school that was falling apart, with leaky toilets and an ever-present smell of rotten fish. It meant all the things that are a normal part of high school. It never meant fear of being harmed or attacked. What will the building mean to the current students?
  • Lynn has the latest about the Mel Gibson movie, and its convenient messages in the Arab world. Here’s a hint: It’s not a hit in Muslim countries because of Monica Belluci’s breasts.
  • Michele has done a lot to restore my faith in the education system. It seems that there are actually teachers out there who encourage kids to think for themselves and debate!
  • In the meantime, I’ve concluded that Passover must be sponsored by the gyms and fitness centres. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt in such need of exercise.

Finally, let’s just pause for a moment and appreciate the wonderful thing that is a LONG WEEKEND!!!

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  • Malia 04.10.04, 12:12 AM

    You are right about William Hung. That boy is viciously being made fun of and he doesn’t even know it. It’s pretty sad.
    Lyn makes some interesting points about how the “Passion” is being received in the Middle East but I have to point out what someone else posted on another blog. “The Passion” shows the historical fact that the Jews are indigenous to Israel! There are no Arabs/Muslims in the movie at all. It totally negates their claim about Israel i.e. Palestine being their homeland. The Arabs are so blinded in their anti-semitism that they don’t even realize that “The Passion” proves that the Zionist were right!
    I also have to point out that these same idiots, even the Christian ones, can’t process the fact that JESUS WAS A JEW! Including the apostles, and the Virgen Mary. Like a famous preacher in America recently said, “It is absolutely hypocritical for any Christian to hate Jews because the man we worship as our Savior was a Jew.” Amen to that!

  • Knave 04.10.04, 6:46 AM

    can’t process the fact that JESUS WAS A JEW!

    Of course, the point that Christians make is that he saw the error of his ways and thats why he (or his disciples) started Christianity.

    I don’t think the religion of Jesus is all that relevent

  • DaninVan 04.10.04, 5:14 PM

    As I understand it, J.C. wasn’t trying to start a new religion, he was trying to straighten out his own. His followers took an awfully long time to get off the starting blocks if what they were trying to do was start a religion. My take on it was that they were more of a personality cult that got out of hand.
    The fact that Christians hang on to the Old Testament is pretty convincing.
    As I said, just my own opinion.

  • segacs 04.10.04, 7:23 PM

    A lot of people thought Jesus was the Messiah. 100 years later a lot of people (incluing Rabbi Akiva) thought Bar Kochba was the Messiah. But most of Bar Kochba’s followers died in the revolution against the Romans before they had a chance to establish their own offshoot religion, I guess…

  • peter 04.10.04, 11:02 PM

    paul is the founder of christianity – not the man from nazareth.

  • josh 04.10.04, 11:10 PM

    Marketing, people, Marketing!
    No ‘one’ just appears on tv like that. Market surveys and focus groups are asked what they want to see, and they choose (for the next 15 minutes of their shortening attention span) to watch an ‘ordinary’ guy (just like most of us are) ‘doing it’. We aren’t laughing at him, we’re laughing at ourselves – the same way we ‘laughed at’ Ghyslain, the SW kid.

    Regarding the UTT bombing, it was my school from k to 11. That room was actually my kindergarden class, the library was at the other end and the librarian was the wife of a renowned Canadian-Israeli architect/real estate developer. I hope that something more will be done than the ‘extra-security’ that some weenies (who’ve forgotten about Germany) are calling for. Deal with the problem, don’t just hide from it behind another layer of false security.

  • segacs 04.11.04, 12:04 AM

    Josh, you’re a UTT/Herz man? What year’d you graduate?

  • Knave 04.11.04, 1:46 AM

    I’m ex-UTT as well 🙂

  • josh 04.11.04, 12:31 PM

    Class of ’89

    I had Longo and Frank too.

  • segacs 04.11.04, 5:16 PM

    Didn’t we all… ?

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