Pro-Palestinian protest a bust


What if you held a protest and nobody came?

The first demonstration — of Palestinians and sympathisers of the Palestinian cause opposed to Washington’s support of Israel — attracted less than 40 demonstrators.

According to a quick head count by journalists, the protest attracted 39 demonstrators, 42 journalists and television crew members and three police officers.

A second, ostensibly larger, demonstration scheduled for the midst of the evening rush hour — was called by a group calling itself Students Against Bush.

Nobody turned up.

I’m sure Jaggi Singh will find a way of blaming the Zionists and the corporations for the massive failure of his protests.

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1 just a protester 11.30.04 at 8:37 PM

I will go there and protest.


2 Francis N. 11.30.04 at 10:20 PM
3 polltroll 11.30.04 at 10:44 PM

Bush comment steals show. Bush thanked the hospitable Canadians for waving at him with “all five fingers.”


4 just a frustrated protester 11.30.04 at 11:23 PM

Bush is a terrorist


5 shawn 12.01.04 at 3:55 PM

“just a frustrated protester” is a terrorist


6 Puck 12.01.04 at 5:36 PM

“shawn” is dead
(And not very original)


7 just a peaceful guy 12.01.04 at 6:03 PM

I am not a terrorist. I am peace loving. I love peace. I want peace.

I don’t kill. I don’t occupy.

Unlike Israel and USA.


8 cliff from montreal(was) now f 12.01.04 at 8:58 PM

Looks like you bought the BIG media/arab lie!Arabs occupy(stole)the holy land of Israel and much more from the Jews.The natives(Jews) were kicked out and now are asserting their claim to what is rightfully theirs! Nothing wrong with that.


9 DaninVan 12.01.04 at 9:51 PM

Looks like ‘justaguy’ couldn’t stay away. It’s the women around here that are the attraction (to him). If they’d lay off the patchouli, he wouldn’t be able to find ‘here’…


10 a very frustrated guy 12.01.04 at 11:42 PM

hey little DaninVan fucker….

Do you think I care about what you.

Just go to hell little shitface motherfucker, cocksucker, asshole licker.

DaninVan, your life is miserable and I wish you a lot of misery for the rest of your life. GO TO HELL. I HATE YOU



11 Dr_Funk 12.02.04 at 12:32 AM

It appears to be the case that you have touched a nerve there, DaninVan. The morning protests were something of a laugh riot. The evening ones were just a riot. One thing I never understood: what do the protestors expect to get if they get through the barricades? If they had gotten too close, the Secret Service and the RCMP would have stopped them and stopped them in a most unnice fashion. Attacking the police means that your message goes away and all the people learn about you is that you are a bunch of nasty rockthrowers with bad language.


12 segacs 12.02.04 at 12:45 AM

Dr_Funk, their sole purpose is to get on TV. They don’t much care about whether the message gets lost in the riot – the message is the riot.


13 Francis N. 12.02.04 at 1:16 AM

I’m wondering if anyone realizes there WASN’T a riot, it was peaceful and civilized on both sides. Have we become so desensitized to protests of any kind that we assume they all break out in rioting?


14 DaninVan 12.02.04 at 4:43 AM

“little…”? Heheheh 😉


15 anti DaninVan guy 12.02.04 at 4:54 AM

you want me to call you fat DaninVan?


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