Socialists win in Spain


And in Spain, a shocking victory for terrorism that could have disastrous ramifications, as the Socialist party swept to power, ousting the centrist Popular Party who, before the Madrid terrorist attacks, was virtually assured of victory:

Spain’s opposition Socialists have swept to power in a sensational election upset sparked by popular anger over the government’s handling of a suspected al Qaeda attack on commuter trains that killed 200 people.

Voters ousted the center-right Popular Party (PP), which until Thursday’s coordinated attacks had looked certain to win a third consecutive term in power in Sunday’s poll.

Spain’s next prime minister will be 43-year-old Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, who has criticized outgoing premier Jose Maria Aznar for his unswerving support for the United States and has threatened to pull out 1,300 Spanish troops from Iraq

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Controversy over the government’s handling of the bombing of four commuter trains three days before the election clearly helped swing the election Zapatero’s way.

“The government has paid the price for its involvement in the war in Iraq, for Aznar’s relationship with (U.S. President George) W. Bush and (British Prime Minister) Tony Blair. The vote has been a reaction to this,” said Carlos Berzosa, rector of Madrid’s Complutense University.


This is a much, much bigger story than many people even realize. It is a sweeping victory for terrorism. Damian agrees:

If the Spanish people have ousted their government because of a major terrorist attack, I really fear we’ll see an attack on the scale of 9/11 in the United States before the Presidential election. If the people of the West are going to blame their leaders for terror instead of the people actually committing the attacks, why wouldn’t Al-Qaida try it again?

That’s the thing. They will try it again. And again. And again. As long as people keep reacting out of fear, and keep supporting the notion that they somehow deserve to be attacked for standing up for what’s right, we will see victory after victory for terrorism. Al Qua’eda must be throwing a big party tonight.

But where is the world’s conscience? Where does this end? Will any country, any democracy, any government or people have the courage to stand up to the terrorists rather than capitulating to them?

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1 Tali 03.16.04 at 4:10 PM

I agree that this is a disaster, and likely to cause countless terror attacks throughout Europe in the very near future. (Look for the bombs to go off in the UK, I taly, and Austria next: The UK is on the hitlist for Iraq, and Italy and Austria show up as listed targets in the same document – uncovered by the Norwegians – that lays out the rationale for the terror attack in Madrid. Apparently the terrorists want revenge for historic Christian victories there.)

However…it’s important to realize that even though the terrorists will frame this as Spain deliberately giving in to their demands, the victory was largely motivated by what the voters saw as the government’s lies and its rush to blame ETA. The Spanish voters were upset that the sitting government DIDN’T blame Islamic terrorism fast enough and changed their minds about the government as a result.


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